Monday, September 7, 2009

Letter to the Editor of the Portland Press Herald

Portland Press Herald

Old grudges, not bishop's home, at heart of complaints

The Catholic Church accepted responsibility and is moving on. It's sad if others can't.

September 7, 2009

Regarding Bill Nemitz's column in the Press Herald on Aug. 28, "Houses of worship close as house of bishop eats up cash."

Point No. 1 – The bishop's home has long ago been paid for. It does not belong to the bishop personally any more than do the church buildings.

It has been explained more than once that certain churches have been closed not only because of the expense of the "priests' scandals" but because there are not enough "practicing" Catholics to support them.

It does not make sense to keep six churches open (at major expense) when there are only enough people attending Mass to fill two or three churches.

Point No. 2 – I suspect that Mr. Nemitz's friend, Paul Kendrick, would not be satisfied even if our esteemed Bishop Richard Malone sold the bishop's home and moved into a homeless shelter. Let's face facts. Mr. Kendrick has a deep, personal dislike for our bishop which probably will never be satisfied.

Point No. 3 – Mr. Nemitz seems to have a very problematic feeling about the Roman Catholic Church, which incidentally has accepted responsibility for the past priest abuses. At this time, people of true faith want to move on from the "sins of the past."

We realize that in this world we are all sinners. Most of us are repentant and eventually we will all answer to God for how we live our lives.

Bill Nemitz and Paul Kendrick might be happier people if they concentrated on moving forward instead of dwelling on evils of the past. Mr. Nemitz is far more interesting when he writes about human-interest stories rather than working to keep the flames of hatred alive.

Point No. 4 – Mr. Nemitz, the Catholic Church will be alive and well long after you and Mr. Kendrick are no longer in the news.

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