Saturday, December 19, 2009

Bishop Richard Malone should make room for child abuser priests to live with him in his 6 bedroom mansion.

There are currently eleven accused child abuser priests who still work for Bishop Richard Malone. These priests have either been sentenced to a "life of prayer and penance," restricted from public ministry, or both. Some cases are still pending in the Vatican.

All of these priests continue to be supported by the diocese. They are entitled to health care and pension benefits. They are provided with a housing allowance.

Bishop Malone does not require that these priests live together in a supervised group home where their comings and goings would be monitored. Instead, the bishop allows them to reside wherever they want - for instance, right next to a school.

We discovered that Rev. John Audibert is living in Foreside Estates in Falmouth. Foreside Estates is full of children. The bishop never even warned the local police about Audibert's past or informed them that Audibert is a safety risk to the community.

We want Bishop Malone to require that child molester priests whom he refuses to dismiss from the priesthood be assigned to a single residence with independent, outside monitoring and supervision.

We also want Bishop Malone to publish a database of child abuser priests and church workers on the diocese web site.

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