Friday, August 24, 2012


During the past year, a man reported to Bishop Richard Malone that he was sexually abused by a priest at a Catholic school in Maine when he was a twelve year old eighth grader. 

The man's allegation of abuse against the priest is credible. 

If, at the time the man reported his abuse to Bishop Malone, the accused priest had been working in a parish, Bishop Malone would have followed established procedure by temporarily removing the the priest from the parish, suspending him of all duties and making public the reason for the priest's removal.

But, the priest was not working in a parish at the time the complaint was filed.

The priest is retired. So, Bishop Malone kept secret the abuse allegation and the priest's name and the location where the abuse occurred has not been revealed.

It is likely there are other victims of this priest who may report their own abuse if they discover they are not alone.

Bishop Malone determined the allegation was credible and launched an internal church investigation of the matter. Deacon John Brennan, the diocese's investigator, conducted personal interviews with the victim and the accused priest. 

But, no notice of the investigation was provided to the public. Although the Catholic school where the abuse occurred is now closed, no attempts were made by Bishop Malone to send letters to alumni asking if any of them had been harmed in any way or sexually abused while attending the school. 

The Diocese of Portland Review Board informed the victim that his allegation cannot be "substantiated."

Three weeks ago, it was announced that the accused priest is among a group of priests who will be temporarily assigned to the Catholic parishes in the Fort Kent area. 
Here's the news article:

"In the meantime, the diocese announced that as of Aug. 1, the Revs. James Albert, Richard Ouellette and Clement Thibodeau will celebrate Masses, marriages, funerals and baptisms throughout the parish, which includes Fort Kent, New Canada, Eagle Lake, Wallagrass and St. Francis."

As investigation of priest continues, others temporarily assigned to ...

Bangor Daily News-Jul 31, 2012
James Albert, Richard Ouellette and Clement Thibodeau will celebrate Masses, marriages, funerals and baptisms throughout the parish, which ...

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