Saturday, September 3, 2011

Cross International Ignores Protection of Children at Pwoje Espwa

Cross International

September 1, 2011

Jim Cavnar
Cross International
Fort Lauderdale, FL

Dear Jim,

The more I ponder this situation, the more I realize how sad and disappointing it is that two respectable organizations, Free the Kids (Pwoje Espwa) and Cross International, are unwilling to take the highest of high roads and set the example as to how an institution should properly handle an investigation of alleged child abuse.

- We are waiting for the name of the attorney (and credentials) who conducted the "investigation."

- We are waiting for a written report of the investigation.

- We are waiting for a copy of Pwoje Espwa's Child Protection Policy and Code of Ethics.

These are not unreasonable requests. It would be a mistake for you and others to say, "This is none of your business. Go away."

Protecting children is everyone's business. Institutions must be open and transparent regarding their systems, policies and procedures that are intended to protect children.

One would think that Cross International and Pwoje Espwa officials would be anxious to share the findings of the investigation with the world.

And, if Pwoje Espwa does not meet the highest of child protection standards, it is the obligation of Cross International to stop all funding to Pwoje Espwa. As it stands now, Jim, Cross International is part of the problem, not the solution.

What possible reason could any of you have for continuing to keep secrets?

I am now more uneasy than ever about the incident between Brother Campbell and the naked 11 year old boy. It appears to me that Cross Internationaly and Pwoje Espwa officials are attempting to cover up and whitewash the issue.

Please, Jim, do the right thing. You are the head of a multi-million dollar corporation. No one needs to tell you what an in depth investigative report should look like.

Paul Kendrick
Freeport, Maine
207 838 1319


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