Saturday, September 3, 2011

PWOJE ESPWA - Brother Robert-Anthony Campbell, FSD Removed from Haiti

For immediate release:



“I showered him from head to toe, scrubbed his hair, and washed his shorts. I also found time to re-apply the cream I’ve been using to help his rash and I’m happy to report the rash has cleared up (and he’s a lot cleaner too, lol) I’m going to pick up some new sandals for him tomorrow after I go to the bank. It was frustrating to shower him and re-dress him in clean underwear, shorts, and a T-shirt then let him leave barefoot…” May 3, 2011, Brother Robert Anthony Campbell, FSD

If anyone reading this has a teenager or 11-year-old son, I want you to think about what you would say and do if you came home early and discovered your houseguest, Brother Campbell, rubbing soap and shampoo with his hands all over your child’s naked, wet body in the bathroom shower at your home.

What would you do? What would you say?

Now, pause and think again about Brother Campbell’s hands being on your child.

“What’s not right for a child in the U.S. is not right for a child in Haiti .”

Paul Kendrick

Freeport, Maine

207 838 1319

Letter of Recall

May 20, 2011

Br. Robert-Anthony Campbell, FSD
Pwoje Espwa Sud
254 Rue Capitale
Les Cayes , Haiti HT 8110

Dear Br. Robert-Anthony:

Your brothers are concerned for your social and physical well being in the face of recent developments at the orphanage that you so love. For all that has and continues to transpire you are in everyone’s prayers that your pain might be eased and that this situation finds a happy conclusion.

Unfortunately, there is no other way to handle this situation in a way that is agreeable to all parties concerned but to meet the nemesis head on. As the facts became crystal clear these past two days I decided it was a matter of grave concern to be deliberated by our Board of Consulters. I believe you have a copy of the email I wrote in which my understanding of this situation was described and delivered to the BOC.

That having been said, it is the decision of the Board of Consulters that you should come home from Haiti immediately and until such time when the true facts are established, your name and reputation have been cleared, and the difficulties with Mr. Kendrick are laid to rest. Br. Mike, Br Giles, Br. Ron and I offer our personal hospitality for this to happen. You have only to choose where you wish to go.

This is not good news for you or for myself who is delivering it. I would prefer otherwise. I know you will take your Life Profession into Obedience seriously. Life is sometimes not fair and there are those who are punished for their good works. We are convinced you are one of these people. God will still bless your kind and loving heart, My Brother.

With Fraternal Affection,

Br. Paul-Allan Carey FSD

Cc: FSD Board of Consulters
Bishop Howard J. Hubbard
Sr. Nola Brunner
William Commer
Chad Scott
Paul Kendrick

Subject: Franciscan Brother removed by Superior from orphanage in Haiti pending investigation

To: Brother Paul-Alan Carey, FSD
Please sir…enough of your high drama and histrionics.

Here are the facts.

On May 3, 2011, a member of your “religious” order wrote in his personal blog that he put his hands all over (“washed from head to tow”) and shampooed the hair of a naked 11 year-old Haitian boy at Proje Espwa in Les Cayes , Haiti .

You live in Troy, NY, Brother Paul. If a parent from your community walked into the locker room at your local Catholic school and saw the parish priest rubbing soap all over the body of his or her 11-year-old child’s wet, naked body, what do you think the parent’s reaction would be?

You and Brother Robert have had ample opportunity these past days to defend and explain why he was touching this naked child.

It is also on the record that I have repeatedly asked Father Marc Boisvert, OMI, the Executive Director of Pwoje Espwa, for a copy of the orphanage/school’s Child Protection Policy and Code of Ethics.

Boisvert is in hiding and refuses to address this issue.

And now, you write this angry missive about how sad and unhappy you and your fellow Brothers are that Brother Robert is being recalled from Haiti.

I can only hope that somewhere in between the lines is a genuine caring and concern by you for the protection, safety, and well being of children.


Paul Kendrick
Freeport , Maine
207 838 1319

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