Saturday, September 3, 2011

Pwoje Espwa - Child Protection is Ignored

Pwoje Espwa

Why is Portland Attorney Robert Morris unwilling to tell the truth about alleged child abuse at orphanage in Haiti?

The Portland, Maine law firm, Irwin, Tardy & Morris, advertises itself as advocates and defenders of those who have been sexually abused. Yet, Attorney Robert Morris appears to be covering up alleged child abuse at an orphanage in Haiti by his failure to be truthful, open and transparent.

Morris, is a member of the Board of Directors of Pwoje Espwa, an orphanage located in Les Cayes, Haiti.

Morris and his fellow Pwoje Espwa officials refuse to issue a written investigative report of alleged child abuse at Pwoje Espwa and refuse to make public Pwoje Espwa's Child Protection Policy and Professional Code of Ethics.

Ironically, Morris's law firm, Irwin, Tardy & Morris, advertises itself as providing legal representation to victims of child sex abuse.

On May 3, 2011, Brother Robert-Anthony Campbell, FDS, a member of an unauthorized Catholic group from Troy, NY, wrote in his personal blog, "Haiti's Littlest Angels" that he "showered all over" the naked body of an 11 year old Haitian orphan, "scrubbed his hair," and helped the boy put on his underwear and shorts.

Images of a coach, priest, teacher or other supervising adult rubbing soap all over a child's naked body prompted questions to to Brother Campbell via his blog. At first, Campbell shut off all blog "comments" and then, three days later, he permanently shut down the entire blog. A week later, his religious superior recalled him from Haiti to Troy, NY.

Father Marc Boisvert, OMI, the Executive Director of Pwoje Espwa, refuses to respond to inquiries about Brother Campbell's conduct. Boisvert cut off all communication via his blog.

Brother Campbell's superiors in Troy, NY remain silent, unwilling to issue a report about Brother Campbell.

Attorney Morris remains hostile and belligerent to any and all questions about Campbell's conduct with the 11 year old Haitian boy.

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