Monday, August 17, 2009

Deacon John Brennan, former City of Portland Deputy Police Chief, failed to protect children

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Thursday, June 25, 2009


Deacon John Brennan, a former City of Portland Deputy Chief of Police, did not warn Falmouth police officials that an admitted priest child abuser moved into town.

The safety of children is being ignored.

What will he do now to warn moms and dads?

Deacon John Brennan, former Deputy Chief of Police for the City of Portland, chose not to notify the Falmouth Police Department when an admitted priest child molester moved into town.

Deacon Brennan works for Bishop Richard Malone as the diocese investigator. In this capacity, he is responsible for the investigation of child sex abuse claims brought against a priest or other Church employee.

Deacon Brennan is privy to most of the clergy child sex abuse cases in Maine. It is our understanding, though, that the bishop keeps certain files under lock and key.

By virtue of his ordination, Deacon Brennan takes a vow of obedience to his bishop. Secrecy, though, doesn't protect innocent children from sex offenders.

Deacon Brennan has encountered first hand the pain, suffering and trauma of child sex abuse. He has witnessed the wreckage inflicted upon victims and families. He has met face to face with arrogant, cunning and manipulative priest child abusers.

But, when a law enforcement like Brennan won't tell you that a child molester lives next door, children get hurt.

For more information:
Paul Kendrick, 838 1319
Harvey Paul, 232 9382
Michael Sweatt, 831 3791