Monday, August 24, 2009

Father Michael Doucette is an admitted child abuser. Neighbors must be vigilant. Doucette lives at 177 Carver Street in Waterville, Maine

Vatican Confirms Disciplinary Actions

The Diocese of Portland has received a decision from the Vatican confirming the disciplinary measures the Diocese imposed on Michael Doucette who has been out of priestly ministry since 2002. When a victim came forward in 1991 with a claim of having been abused in the early 1980’s, Doucette admitted to the abuse, was removed from ministry, and was immediately sent for treatment. He was placed back in ministry in 1992, but was removed again in April of 2002 when another individual complained of improper sexual advances, which took place before Doucette’s treatment in 1991.

The decision from Rome confirms that while Doucette remains a priest, he cannot have any public ministry; cannot present himself as a priest or wear clerical garb. Doucette lives in-state.

Doucette was ordained in 1975 and had the following assignments:

St. Martin of Tours, Millinocket 1975 St. Andre Parish, Biddeford 1976 St. Louis Parish, Fort Kent 1980 Campus Parish, University of Maine at Fort Kent 1981 Sacred Heart Parish, North Caribou and Mission of St. Theresa, Stockholm 1984 Auxiliary Chaplain, Loring Air Force Base 1985 (in addition to Caribou assignment) 1985 St. Thomas Parish, Madawaska 1991 St. Charles Parish, St. Francis and Missions of St. John, St. John and St. Paul, Allagash 2000 St. Agatha Parish, St. Agatha and Mission of St. Joseph, Sinclair; St. Luce, Frenchville 2001.