Saturday, August 22, 2009

Why won't Bishop Malone meet with us about a priest child abuser?

October 26, 2006

Sent via electronic mail

Carol Connolly
Administrative Assistant to Bishop Richard Malone
Roman Catholic Diocese of Portland Portland, Maine

Dear Ms. Connolly,

We are surprised by all the confusion surrounding our simple request to meet with Bishop Richard Malone. In two previous emails directed through you to Bishop Malone, we clearly stated that we we want Bishop Malone to "look us in the eye and assure us that children are not in danger from a priest sex offender whom we have identified as living anonymously in a Biddeford neighborhood."

We want nothing to do with Co-Chancellor, Sr. Rita-Mae Bissonnette. It is documented that Sr. Bissonnette covered up allegations of sexual abuse against Rev. Raymond Melville and other abuser priests. She placed innocent children in danger. I'm certain you can understand why we don't want her anywhere near us.

The other co-chancellor, Msgr. Marc Caron, has already refused to meet with me about the Biddeford issue. In fact, I waited in the reception area for two hours until I was told the building was closing. When I approached Msgr. Caron in the parking area, he told me he would not speak to me and walked away.

This need not be a complicated issue. The bishop is not being considerate to our concerns. Our request for a meeting is reasonable. These delay tactics are not necessary. Why do I have to keep calling back to get an appointment with the bishop? Now, you want our telephone numbers. What possible reason is there for you to ask us this information? The bishop knows who we are.

We want to meet with Bishop Malone sometime next week. What date and time is available?

Or, should we just show up unannounced at his residence and ring the doorbell?

Marie Tupper
Harvey Paul